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401 Sauce Company

We've got all the sauces...

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About us

From the moment Ted and I met in 2014, we have shared a love of food. Together, we enjoy adventuring to fairs and festivals throughout New England. One of our favorite festivals is Garlic Fest in Mystic, CT. We've gone for the last 5 or 6 years. Over time, the quality of our "food" has gone down hill. Ted knew he could make a better sauce for some fries. A few simple ingredients and 401 Garlic Sauce was made!

We started out with just our garlic sauce, then Ted created a jalapeno garlic sauce and now we've expanded our product line to include 3 hot sauces and 2 bbq sauces. Below are pictures of our garlic sauce from bulb to container!

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Thai hot sauce is fiery with hints

of ginger, onion, and garlic.

Habanero is by far our hottest sauce

this will make your eyes water!

Jalapeno is our mildest

hot sauce- goes great on tacos!


Carolina Style BBQ Sauce is pulled pork's best friend. Vinegar tang with some kick!

Kansas Style BBQ Sauce is sweet and smokey with a little heat.

Try our new South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce!!

Jalapeno Garlic Sauce

is our original sauce

with our jalapeno hot sauce added! Great as a nacho sauce!!


Original Garlic Sauce is a garlic lovers delight! Can be used as a finishing sauce for grilled meats, a pasta sauce, or make a delicious salad dressing!!

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How To Purchase Online

Click the following link to purchase some of our amazing sauces!

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Clements' Marketplace Summer

Kickoff & 5th Anniversary

June 10th, 2023 11am-3pm in

Portsmouth, RI

BBQ Fest July 7th (10a-7p)&

8th (10a-5p), 2023 in

Peckham Park, Middlefield, CT

Spicy Food Fest July 22nd (10a-7p) &

23rd (10a-6p) in

Jilson Square Park, Willimantic, CT

Currently, our products are being

sold at Westerly Packing in Westerly, RI and Clements' Marketplace in Portsmouth, RI

or online at

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Where to buy

We are only able to ship the BBQ and hot sauces at this time

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Hey Ted...

Our Hey Ted Videos give you "live" insight to what Ted's doing!

Excellent Sauce used it immediately after I brought it home nice creamy consistency, the aroma of garlic wakes up the taste buds as soon as u crack the container. Fresh garlic taste perfect balance. Drizzled over my sword fish and broccoli. I also added sauce into my scallop and chz risotto that was by far the best use in my opinion. I did take a taste of the jalapeno one as well as I wanted to try both perfect balance of garlic and heat not overly hot fantastic flavor!! Great Job 401 Garlic 🧄🧄🧄

- Jason M.

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Testimonies, Tips & Tricks

“ I absolutely love this garlic sauce. First it was with Triscuts, then I ventured to put it on scallops, corn, and shrimp. It was absolutely delicious. I buy two at a time. 😊” Love at first bite,

-Christine F.

Use original garlic sauce as a pizza base

I had this on pasta and chicken first and then moved it to chips (nachos and as a dip), then finished it on homemade pizza crust. It is a delight for the taste buds.

-Christine H-S.

This stuff is GREAT!! Give it a try you can’t go wrong…

-Blair A.

Use garlic sauce on any pasta!

I put this shit on everything!

David M.

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Our 2022 t-shirts are available for $10,

New merchandise will be available soon!